Motostivuitor diesel

HK HIII10-35

Motor: Diesel
Capacitate nominală/reziduală: 1750kg
Inalțimea maximă de ridicare: 3,3m
Сatarg: Duplex
Dimensiunea furcii: 1070/125/50mm

Raza de intoarcere: 2400mm
Viteza maximă: 17/21 km/h
Translatie laterala a furcilor

The New Handlerkraft series is the key product that Handlerkraft blockbuster launches. Based on the high technology, mass manufacturing capability and experienced sales and services of forklifts.

The new H series becomes a milestone of Handlerkraft’s products which fully consider the needs of market and customers Improved performance, superior quality

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€18,900 (fără TVA)

HK G10-35

Motor: Diesel / Gasoline-LPG

Capacitate nominală/reziduală:
1000kg / 1500kg / 1750kg / 2000kg / 2500kg / 3000kg / 3500kg

Inalțimea maximă de ridicare: 3m

Environmental Friendly

   The emission meets EC and EPA new regulation

   High efficiency hydraulic system to lower the fuel consumption

   Using environmental friendly material

   Damping device on the mast to reduce impact and vibration

   Sound insulating and absorbing device are used to reduce the noise

This new series forklift trucks that made with the latest technical design provide you excellent operating performance. Handlerkraft forklift trucks high standard performance, comfortable driving experience, and the simple and safe operation will make your work handier.

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HK G50-10

Power Unit: Diesel / Gasoline-LPG

Capacitate nominală/reziduală:
5000kg / 6000kg / 7000kg / 8500kg / 10000kg

Inalțimea maximă de ridicare: 3m

Electro-hydraulic reversing and intelligent shift system, Rotary direction switch. Fully enclosed dashboard. Hydraulic lines and electrical wiring is not been exposed.

Hood’s maximum opening angle is been up to 80 °, so the inspection and maintenance is very easy for spaciousness. We apply a separate integrated electrical box. The structure can make the main electrical components can protect against oil, water, dust and separated heat, greatly reduce the electrical failure rate, and can be easy to maintenance.

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